Your First Visit

Your First Visit to Our Clinic in Kilmore

Is it your first time at Kilmore Dental & Specialist Centre? We’re happy to have you! Unless there is a pressing need for urgent treatment we almost always recommend starting off with a comprehensive examination. We love to listen at this appointment – it helps us get to know you, your dental history and what’s important to you. From there we will have a gentle look in your mouth – this includes your teeth, gums and an oral cancer check of places like your tongue and cheeks. Sometimes we’ll use a small “intra oral” camera to take photos of things in your mouth so that we can show you – we love to give you as much detail as is needed.

It’s common for us to require some radiographs to help us properly assess everything but we’ll always ask your permission first. All of our xrays are digital and take very little time – we can instantly discuss with you what we see on them. We have all of these facilities on site – our panoramic OPG x ray, our lateral cephalogram commonly used for orthodontic assessment, our 3D technology “cone beam” CT and our day to day in chair dental xrays. Our OPG and lat ceph x rays carry no cost to you due to Medicare rebates. You won’t need x rays every time you come and see us but we’ll recommend them when appropriate to ensure that we don’t miss any underlying issues.

Once we have a thorough understanding of what’s going on in your mouth we’ll talk through any findings and if further treatment is required we will provide you with a treatment plan. This plan will have health insurance recognised item numbers and costs and it will be split up into visits showing you how much time we need to complete any treatment. Payment plans are available for more complex courses of treatment, please ask if this is something you are interested in. As always we welcome questions and we’ll be happy to provide you with as much detail about any proposed treatment as you need.

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