On Site Lab

Did you know we have an on site dental laboratory?

Kilmore Dental & Specialist Centre was designed so that it could house an on site dental laboratory. The beauty of this is that a lot of work can be turned around faster – this means shorter waits between dental impressions and getting the appliance you need. It also enables direct communication between your dental professional and our lab technician Arif leading to high quality results. Arif is a Kilmore local and is hard at work full time in our lab.

Orthodontic Retainers

Have you had previous orthodontic treatment and lost or broken your retainer? We can help! Impressions can be taken for new retainers then our dental technician can quickly and expertly make them for you, often ready by the end of the same day you come in.

Custom Sports mouthguards

A custom sports mouthguard is essential for protecting the mouth from injury while playing sport. Over the counter “boil and bite” mouthguards offer little protection and are often ill-fitting and uncomfortable. Especially with kids it can be very hard to get them hot enough to form without burning your child’s mouth!

At KDSC our Dental Prosthetist, Tim, has tricks up his sleeve to make impressions as quick and comfortable as possible. Appointments usually only take 5 minutes, and we have a wide selection of colours and Footy club colours to choose from. Our dental technician often has your mouthguard made within a day or two and will be waiting for you at reception.

If you find your new mouthguard is uncomfortable it can be adjusted while you wait.

Denture Services

The onsite lab really comes into play here. In addition to new dentures, our Dental Prosthetist Tim can offer many denture services that prevent the need for you to be without your denture for more than a few hours. This includes same day Denture Relines, Soft Liners, Repairs, Additions and Cleaning. If your denture suddenly breaks or you need an extracted tooth added to it, we’ll be there to help and get you back in action as soon as possible. 

Occlusal Splints

Occlusal splints help to protect your teeth from the harmful effects of grinding or clenching. Unfortunately this subconscious action called bruxism usually occurs while we’re fast asleep – the only way to save your teeth from being ground down or worn away is to wear one of these night guards. Your dentist will pick up on the signs of tooth grinding if they are evident and discuss with you whether or not an occlusal splint might be the right step to take.

If you proceed with having one made, the good news is that it will be made right here in Kilmore from our onsite lab. Our lab technician Arif works closely with our dentists to deliver these splints in quick time making sure your teeth are protected as soon as possible.

Whitening Trays

Our on site lab can also make up your whitening trays for your next round of at home whitening! Click the button below to learn more about whitening.

We are an accredited practice

Through the national accreditation process you can be sure that we meet the requirements of the stringent National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards. We are committed to continuous quality improvement and implementation of best practice systems and processes to enable patient safety and quality care at all times.