Cosmetic Dentistry

A patient is holding a tooth shaped mirror with a dentist looking over her shoulder

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kilmore

Cosmetic dentistry is at the heart of almost everything that we do. Rather than look at cosmetic dentistry as a standalone treatment option, we intertwine it into all of our treatments because who wants dentistry that doesn’t look good! In this day and age we are lucky as our day to day restorative (filling) material is a highly aesthetic composite resin. It can be shade matched to suit or enhance your smile and it polishes to a very realistic shine. 

We will always listen to your needs when it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of your smile and every decision will centre around you. We hope that you can feel comfortable enough to bring up any aesthetic concern with us that you have no matter how minor you think it may seem. 

Some of the options that we have for enhancing a smile include:

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