Children’s Dentistry

Children's Dentistry in Kilmore

We’d love to show you our special children’s room! We have a fantastic tooth fairy garden with a painted mural behind it that your kids are sure to be delighted by. They can lie back and look at our wonderful under the sea decorations and even enjoy the latest Bluey episode playing above them. Our dental therapist Eve or our oral health therapist Natasha are ready and waiting to take great care of your child’s dental health.

Are you aware of the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)? This allows eligible children between ages 2 and 18 years old to receive free bulk billed dental visits and treatments up to a two yearly cap of $1026. Our staff can check your eligibility on your behalf and keep an eye on your unused funds that are remaining. This is a great reason to keep your children coming along to see us on a regular basis. Find out more here

We aim to make your child’s trip to the dentist a happy experience! We suggest bringing them in for their first check up pretty early on – we can start seeing them as soon as they have a tooth! This helps your child to become comfortable in the unique environment of a dental clinic and as time goes on we can slowly introduce them to things like the bright light or “Mr Thirsty” the dental suction – this way, when they are old enough for a little clean and polish, it’s a walk in the park! It also helps us to keep an eye on any potential problems that could develop – we want to catch anything very early so that ideally only simple procedures are ever required.

A big part of your child’s dental visits is education – we’ll answer any questions you have and guide you and them on how to implement good oral hygiene at home and how to make the right dietary choices for them to reduce the risk of dental decay forming.

For children, we may commonly suggest preventive treatments like fluoride gel applications (yummy flavours and not like the old foam trays!) or fissure sealants. We’ll do anything we can to reduce the risk of children requiring interventive dental treatment. Fissure sealants aim to prevent cavities from forming in the deep grooves and fissures of baby or 6 year old molar teeth. They involve flowing a small amount of resin material into the groove of the tooth that sets hard and leaves it more easily kept clean.

Check out some more info on preventive care on this page, including sports mouthguards for children.

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