Creating Smiles Orthodontics

Orthodontics Kilmore

Creating Smiles Orthodontics is a Specialist Orthodontic Practice based out of Kilmore Dental & Specialist Centre providing orthodontic treatment for both children and adults.

Creating Smiles work in partnership with the team at Kilmore Dental & Specialist Centre. They aim to create beautiful smiles, healthy teeth, and healthy gums by offering the highest quality orthodontic treatments through outstanding highly qualified staff and the world’s best equipment and technology.

Your First Visit

During your first visit our specialist orthodontist, Dr Kataria will conduct a thorough examination of the facial structure, the bite, alignment of the teeth, health of the soft tissues, and jaw function.

Dr Kataria will also take a series of measurements, and discuss the need for orthodontic treatment.

If treatment is needed, diagnostic records are also collected at this visit. These include digital photographs of the face and teeth, and dental impressions to construct plaster study models of the teeth. You will also be referred for orthodontic x-rays of the teeth and facial bones.

With these records, Dr Kataria will be able to provide a detailed and accurate assessment, as well as a personalised treatment plan.

A second appointment is made, at which Dr Kataria will discuss the ideal treatment plan, as well as any alternative options which are available. With the aid of computer software and the records taken at your last visit, Dr Kataria will thoroughly explain your bite problems and the treatment required to correct them. If it is too early for a child to start treatment, we will place them in our continuing care program. Your child will then be reviewed periodically, at no cost, until they are ready to commence treatment.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment

We all know orthodontic treatment leads to a straighter, more beautiful smile, but did you know the health and function of the teeth are also improved?

Properly positioned teeth are much easier to clean, thereby making them less susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss. Correction of the bite can also improve chewing and speech, reduce the risk of trauma to the teeth and gums, and also plays an important role in minimising excessive and uneven wear of the teeth. In addition, some studies have even shown that the improvement in aesthetics which occurs with treatment may have some impact on confidence and self-esteem.