Checks, Cleans & Prevention

Checks, Cleans & Prevention in Kilmore

Check up and clean

It’s a great move to come in and have your teeth checked regularly. The two most common types of dental disease are tooth decay/cavities and gum disease/inflamed gums and both of these are quite painless in their early stages. If no one is checking your teeth they can go on unnoticed and lead to some nasty consequences. 

It’s always our preference to pick up these issues early as it means that treatment can be kept as simple as possible which in turn keeps costs down. We’ll usually recommend a twice yearly check up for most individuals. 

Often we will clean your teeth at the same appointment as your check up. This may be done by one of dentists but commonly it will be our oral health therapist Teenu cleaning your teeth. Once the dentist has made an assessment of your mouth, Teenu will be in charge of getting your teeth clean. 

An oral health therapist is a university trained professional that is focussed on gum health and oral hygiene. She will help you through understanding particular issues that your teeth and gums may be facing – plaque can build up on teeth and if it stays for too long it calcifies into a substance called calculus, also known as tartar. This hard build up can only be removed by an oral health professional. No amount of brushing or flossing will get it off at home so this is where we and Teenu come in. Teenu will also identify factors that may be putting your teeth and gums at a higher risk of disease and will work to address these. 

Once your teeth are cleaned we want to help you to keep it that way so Teenu will demonstrate good techniques for home care and let you know how often you should come back in for a clean. 

Preventive care

All of our dentists and therapists are passionate about preventive dental care. We can show you easy, cost effective ways to maintain your oral health. One of our most important preventive steps is fluoride applications. Forget about the bulky foam trays you may have had shoved in your mouth in years gone by. These days it’s a simple gel in a yummy flavour that can be dabbed onto your teeth – usually after a clean and polish. We also stock interdental brushes and specialty gels and pastes such as tooth mousse to keep dental disease at bay.

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