Root Canal Treatment

A dentist showing and explaining an X-ray to a patient

Root Canal Treatment in Kilmore

Root canal treatment is required when bacteria has invaded the internal part of your tooth. Anatomically, a tooth has a physical space within it that houses the dental pulp – this is the tooth’s blood and nerve supply. Bacteria can invade this area as a result of dental decay (cavities), cracks and fractures or dental trauma. This causes the dental pulp to die or become irreversibly inflamed and if this happens, unfortunately we are only left with two options – extraction of the tooth, or root canal treatment to save it. 

The good news is that our dentists are passionate about saving teeth and have worked hard to make the root canal procedure simple for you. We know that it can be a daunting thing to hear that this is something that you need to save your tooth. We demystify the treatment which often helps to quell a lot of your anxiety as we minimise the fear of the unknown. 

We stay abreast of developments in root canal treatment and have an up to date range of technologies with which to ease your path through treatment and give your tooth the best possible chance at long term success. We won’t bore you with the details here but during root canal treatment you’ll see us pick up a few electronic gadgets along the way – these have helped us to increase comfort, reduce the number of radiographs required, speed up your treatment and use evidence based research to maximise our outcomes. All good news for you!

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