A patient is being shown a row of demonstration teeth at a dental office by a dentist

Whitening in Kilmore, at home and in clinic.

It’s one of our most common questions… Yes we do teeth whitening!

Prior to whitening your teeth it’s best to see our oral health therapist or one of our dentists – we are uniquely placed to work out how well your teeth may respond to whitening and which method is best for you. Knowing why teeth are stained and discoloured is key to ensuring results are achieved. We’ll also make sure your mouth is healthy and fit for whitening before you go ahead.

We offer the two main types of professional whitening – in chair or take home. The huge benefit of choosing professional whitening is that we are able to provide you with whitening gels that have a much higher concentration of the active ingredient compared with anything that you can get in the supermarket or online. This is because we have checked your mouth beforehand – we know that it is the right formulation for you and we can ensure that you are using it safely.

We are proud to partner with Accu White and Phillips Zoom to provide in chair Zoom whitening to our patients. Accu White is the Byron Bay based whitening service run by Caitlin Wilkie. Caitlin grew up in Kilmore, attending Assumption College and previously worked at Kilmore Dental & Specialist Centre as a dental assistant. She then went on to qualify as an oral health therapist and Accu White was born. You can read more at www.accuwhite.com.au. Phillips Zoom whitening is a market leading and highly reputable product and you can have confidence in its proven methods.

Our take home whitening kits feature custom fitted trays that are made right here in Kilmore at our dedicated dental laboratory. After making an assessment to ensure that the method is right for you, some dental impressions/moulds of your mouth will be taken so that we can fabricate the trays. They can be reused year on year so long as there are no major changes to your teeth and we are able to provide whitening over the counter for future top up applications.

Many of our patients will actually have a combination of the two methods – getting a great result with the in chair Phillips Zoom whitening and following that up with regular at home top ups. Please make an appointment with us to further discuss your suitability for whitening!

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