Relaxation & Sleep Dentistry

Relaxation & Sleep Dentistry in Kilmore

Nervous? You’re not alone! We know a fear or anxiety around dentistry is all too common and as a result we provide multiple options for overcoming this.

At a base level we hope to reduce your anxiety by listening to your concerns. Often the fear of the unknown is overwhelming and by listening to your worries we are able to demystify many of the things that are a source of concern. Oftentimes simple procedures can be achieved with local anaesthetic, a gentle technique and reassurance from our experienced staff.

Speaking of local anaesthetic, we will always make sure that you are as numb as you need to be! We’ve all heard the horror stories from years gone by – please be assured that we will not start any treatment until you and we are sure that you are appropriately anaesthetised and we’ll continue to ensure that this remains the case throughout your treatment. In most cases we also use a numbing gel prior to the local anaesthetic to make everything as comfortable as possible.

Having said all of that, yes, we have ways of making you far less aware of what’s going on! These are:

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