Digital Dentistry

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Digital Dentistry in Kilmore

Continuing improvements in digital technology have a number of applications for dentistry and we are proud to embrace them!

The digital showstopper in dentistry is the advent of intraoral scanning. At Kilmore Dental & Specialist Centre we employ the iTero intraoral scanner for many applications. This is a digital scanner that takes 6,000 images per second inside your mouth and is able to match them together to create a 3D model of your teeth and gums using the latest optical technology. The scanner is a compact, hand-held wand and In as little as two to three minutes, it renders a digitally perfect, 3D model of your teeth and soft tissue structures. Some of its applications are:

We no longer need to take bulky,  messy moulds for your crowns and veneers. The digital scanner does all of the work and the ceramist can craft your new restorations directly from the digital scan.

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After swiftly recording a 3D model of your teeth, digital software allows Dr. Kataria to plan your treatment and show you digital images of how your teeth will move. You’ll even get to see how the final result will look before you start.

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If you are looking at some new crowns or veneers for your front teeth, we are able to take a 3D scan of your teeth before commencing any treatment. Our partner lab Bioart can then design the shape of any new crowns or veneers and 3D print a model of your new teeth. From here we can take a mould of the model and place trial veneer material over your teeth. The great benefit of this is that you get to see, feel and speak with your new teeth, all before actually going ahead with the procedure

Tooth attrition and wear can be a big problem in some mouths but as it happens so slowly, it can sometimes be difficult to pick up in its early stages. With iTero we can take a scan of your teeth and securely store it in the cloud and then take a new scan at a future check up. Digital technology allows us to superimpose the two scans over each other and check for any small changes in the tooth morphology – this way we can flag any tooth wear and attrition and catch it in its very early stages.

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