Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Kilmore

“Besides causing pain, the emergence of wisdom teeth can lead to many problems.”

About wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are your last set of molars to come through, and they will generally begin to erupt between the ages of 17 and21. However, in many cases there will not be enough room within the mouth for the wisdom teeth to come through, often making their extraction necessary.

Problems associated with wisdom tooth eruption

It is usually more comfortable to extract wisdom teeth than leave alone. Besides causing pain, the emergence of wisdom teeth can lead to many other problems; a mal-positioned wisdom tooth can cause gum infection, affect the jawbone and soft tissues or obstruct adjacent teeth. Prolonged symptoms can range from mild to chronic pain.

Wisdom tooth assessment

Based on the nature of your wisdom tooth eruption, our experienced dentists will be able to determine a suitable procedure for you. Kilmore Dental & Specialist Centre provides both surgical and non-surgical wisdom tooth extractions. In cases where general anaesthetic is required, we will perform the surgery at Kilmore District Hospital.

Prior to surgical procedures, our dentists will walk you through the pre-operative instructions, advise you on the different options for sedation, and ensure you know exactly what to expect before, during and after the procedure.