Dental Prosthetics

Prosthetist Kilmore

Dental Prosthetist Kilmore

Our Cosmetic Dentistry services are greatly bolstered by having an onsite laboratory. With our very own facilities to prepare and produce removable dental prostheses, we are able to upkeep quality standards and maintain integrity of our dental restorations across the board.

To the patient, it also means faster turnaround and shorter waiting periods for all our prosthetic work. We provide same-day denture repairs for clients who require fast, predictable, and quality results.

Having our very own dental prosthetist, Gerard Goodison on-site allows your dentist to maintain clear and open communication with the prosthetist, whereby dramatically improving the outcomes for our patients. If your restoration requires adjustment, this can be completed quickly and easily without the need for them to be sent away. All of this results in a faster and better fitting process for patients. It’s a win for all involved.