Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Kilmore

Root Canal Treatment Kilmore

Root canal treatment is a solution for an inflamed or infected nerve within a tooth which may be the result of a deep cavity, decay or trauma. To save the tooth from reaching a point where it is damaged beyond repair, the damaged area of the tooth will be removed and the area is cleaned. A crown will then be placed to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.

Symptoms indicating you may require root canal therapy include dull throbbing pain, toothaches, or the presence of an abscess. Tooth and nerve infection is generally caused through deep cavities, chipped or cracked teeth, and trauma to the specific area.

The root canal procedure

The first step in the root canal procedure is identifying the need for treatment. Preliminary treatment to remove decay and the source of infection of the pulp is necessary in order to determine if the tooth can be restored to it’s previous structure. In some cases when the infection of the pulp is associated with gum disease, it might not be possible to restore the tooth.

Immediately before your root canal treatment you will be administered a local anaesthetic in order to prepare the area for the removal of the infected pulp. Your dentist will not start treatment until the area is sufficiently numbed.

A small hole is drilled through the surface of the tooth in order to allow access to the infected pulp and root canals. The infected pulp is then removed from the tooth and the root canals and pulp chamber will be cleaned. The canals will be disinfected and shaped so they can be filled and then a filling is selected which will fit perfectly into the prepared canals in order to prevent further infection. The tooth will then need a permanent restoration, being either a filling or a crown.

There is a general assumption that root canal treatment is painful and requires invasive surgery. This is not the case; root canal treatment should be no more painful or invasive than a regular dental filling.