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Not only does Kilmore Dental offer exceptional oral healthcare, we also provide osteopathy treatment

Osteopathy Treatments

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What Is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that seeks to promote general health and wellness in all areas of the body. A manual approach to therapy means that all treatments and diagnosis are done by hand and use no medicines or other invasive treatment options.

Osteopathy focuses on the frame of the body namely the spine, the muscles and joints. By strengthening these areas, Osteopathy aims to improve all major systems in the body including the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems. It is traditionally used alongside other treatments to promote wellness.

An osteopathic physician will assess the health of your muscles, joints and tissues and formulates a treatment plan. A large part of osteopathy is a personal desire to better one’s life and much of the improvement in these systems will be in your hands. That said, your osteopathic specialist will guide and support you the whole way through.

To continue our dedication to providing our patients with a full range of care, Kilmore Dental and Specialist Centre is now offering a treatment option to improve your quality of life. Osteopathic therapy will start with a few sessions where you may be asked to perform a few simple exercises. This will give us an opportunity to assess the areas that can be strengthened and to recommend a treatment plan.

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