Why professional whitening options are better for you

Whiter teeth are associated with beauty, health and professionalism. While you could opt for an over-the-counter option, we believe the best way to brighten up your pearly whites is your dentist. Here at Kilmore Dental, we offer both in-chair and take-home whitening.

Professional Results

Your teeth are on show when you speak, eat and smile, so you cannot afford to have them looking any less than their best. With a professional treatment, you can expect professional results. Where at-home whitening treatments lack strength, longevity, safety and even colour, professional whitening treatments shine.

Professional teeth whitening uses stronger bleaching agents to ensure you can reap the results of a more effective professional whitening treatment for longer. While it might go without saying, whitening treatments done by dentists are also your safest whitening option. Not only do dentists have experience on their side, they use tools that make the process as safe as possible for you.

Individually Tailored

The ‘one size fits all’ mentality adopted by many over-the-counter whitening suppliers can leave you with uncomfortable trays, varied results, and sensitivity. With a dentist, your treatment is based on your desired outcome and preferences, taking into account the condition and colour of your teeth. This allows for an experience that will align with your expectations. You can anticipate whitening trays expertly moulded to your teeth and mouth, gel for an even colour, and a dentist who is just as passionate about the final result as you are.

See Results Sooner

Standard over-the-counter whitening kits often have slow-appearing results. Their professional counterparts, created with stronger whitening agents, are expertly designed to give more dramatic results the first time around. As well as being more convenient, this means you need to use your dentist-approved treatment less than you would a store bought kit, making your product last longer and use less of your time.


Professional whitening, though it can present up-front costs, offers considerable value for money. If you opt for a take-home treatment form Kilmore Dental, you are able to top up on a syringe of whitening gel for just $25 dollars, to accompany the one-off purchase of the kit. These can last years, and do not need to be purchased each time you want to refresh your smile with a whitening treatment. Most people find that they only require professional whitening a few times a year, opposed to the constant use of over-the-counter kits for sub-par results. All in all, you can’t go past professional whitening’s value for money.


Not all stains are purely cosmetic. If your teeth are stained from decay or another oral health issue, they only way to know is by having a dentist’s examination. Some stains, such as those the emanate from inside the tooth, may not respond to whitening treatment at all. It is this sort of expertise that will make the difference between masking the problem and truly fixing it. This, more than anything, is why your dentist is your best whitening option.

White Teeth for Life

We want your beautiful, bright smile to last a lifetime. Here at Kilmore Dental, we offer a complimentary take-home whitening kit with any in-chair treatment so you can refresh your smile as it needs it.

A Glowing Example

Take a look at Natacha’s white smile following treatment with a take-home kit from Kilmore Dental!

stronger whitening agents

At Kilmore Dental, we offer in-chair whitening and take-home whitening trays. Read more about these services here or book an appointment today!