How To Whiten Your Teeth

Do you want a safer way to whiten your teeth?

If you are considering teeth whitening, you will likely be assessing your options by checking out reviews online and reading blogs to try to work out what’s right for you. With treatments like HiSmile and a myriad of charcoal options, it’s hard to sort out what will actually help you from what just looks appealing in a social media post.

It is important to know that not all whitening products are supported by health professionals. As dentists we have spent years studying to know what’s best for your oral health. We can tell the difference between teeth stains that are cosmetic and ones that are not. It is also always a good idea to have an exam before commencing whitening treatment to make sure you get the best results.

Teeth whitening and your oral health

Discoloured teeth are not always only a cosmetic issue, which can mean that teeth whitening treatments won’t always work. For example, if your tooth has suffered trauma or there is decay, this may show as discolouration on a tooth. In this case teeth whitening treatments won’t solve this. (A porcelain veneer may cover the discolouration but bleaching your teeth with a whitening product will do nothing, except maybe leave your wallet lighter)

Teeth whitening from a dentist

The advantage and the benefit for you of receiving whitening treatment from a dentist is that we are able to check your oral health prior to treatment. This means that if we do find something amiss we can fix that first, ensuring the whitening treatment cannot cause any further issues. This will help you achieve a whiter, brighter looking smile.

Our goal as dentists, oral health therapists and dental Sspecialists is to help you achieve the best results for you and your oral health. So, how to whiten your teeth? We offer two options:

  1. In-chair teeth whitening
  2. Take-home, dentist-prescribed, teeth whitening kit

If you’re looking to improve the colour of your teeth in just one day, then the in-chair whitening is the right option for you. If, on the other hand, you’re in no rush, then the take-home teeth whitening could be the right solution for your lifestyle.

In-chair whitening

This involves two appointments. The first appointment is a consultation which involves a check-up and clean. Once one of our friendly dentists and/or oral health therapists assesses your dental health and determines teeth whitening is the best treatment for you to achieve your desired results, we’ll schedule a second appointment.

The second appointment will take about an hour. This is where you relax in the chair and we apply the whitening gel to your teeth. A special blue light is applied in three to four 15-minute intervals to activate the whitening gel. After this appointment your teeth will be whiter and brighter. The result of this in-chair whitening does depend on the condition of your teeth before you start and the result can last up to 9 months, depending on how well you look after your teeth.

Take-home whitening

If you are in no hurry to have whiter, brighter teeth, but it is definitely something you are interested in, Kilmore Dental and Specialist Centre also offers take-home whitening kits. We still advise a check-up and clean prior to having your impressions taken for the custom made trays.

The whitening gel supplied with these take home kits is not as strong as in-chair, for health and safety reasons. For these reasons it will take longer for the take-home kit to take effect. That said, as it is a prescribed professional product it is still considerably stronger than other store-bought formulations and will provide far superior, longer lasting results.

With the take-home whitening kits you will need to wear the custom made trays for an hour a day, every day for up to two weeks. The exact treatment time will depend on the colour of your teeth and your desired outcome. This treatment can be repeated as needed because the custom made trays can last you for years and we always stock whitening gel if you run out.

Whitening your teeth the trusted way

If you are looking for a safer, trusted way of whitening your teeth, Kilmore Dental and Specialist Centre can help you. We will work closely with you to ensure you receive the results you want. The main advantage of visiting a dentist is that we can ensure you receive the right information and care and the right treatments to achieve your desired outcome.

If you would like to know more about whitening your teeth, or to book a consultation, please contact us today.