Dealing with Dental Anxiety

Most people live with some anxiety about going to the dentist. Whether this fear is genuine or perpetrated through stereotypes and hysteria, Kilmore Dental provides sedation dentistry options to make sure everyone can have a comfortable experience.

What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is simply defined as a fear of the dentist. Just being examined or sitting in the waiting room can make some patients anxious. Those with dental anxiety will have a sense of uneasiness when it comes to visiting the dentist, and exaggerated or unfound worry or fear. Dental phobia is a more serious form that is characterised by a severe fear or dread.

How does dental anxiety develop?

Direct experience is the most common way dental fears are developed. Many people report that their fear of the dentist began after a traumatic, difficult or painful experience. This doesn’t necessarily mean the offending even occurred at the dentist, but could develop from an oral injury, childhood experience or after witnessing a severe dental emergency. However, pain or trauma do not alone explain the development of dental trauma as it can be linked to an array or psychological factors.

Who has dental anxiety?

Anyone can have dental anxiety! It is especially common in children, but it’s often a fear they grow out of as they come to understand the importance of dental health.

How can I manage my dental anxiety?

There is no definite way to eradicate dental fear, but here are 8 steps you can follow to make the dentist a more comfortable experience for you.

1. The very first step to managing your fear is recognising it.
2. Find a dentist that will accommodate your fears and help you to overcome them.
3. Be vocal about your concerns to your dentist.
4. Work with your dentist to devise a treatment plan to gradually reduce your fears.
5. Bring a friend to appointments!
6. Look into sedation dentistry.
7. Try distractions or relaxation techniques.
8. Reward yourself for making progress in diminishing your dental fear.


Manage your dental anxiety with Kilmore Dental

We can cater for dental anxiety at any age. Contact us today to see what we can do to make visiting the dentist more comfortable for you!