Custom Mouth Guards

Custom Mouth Guards Kilmore

Why get a custom mouth guard?

The popularity of organised sport, as well as a high level of competitiveness has resulted in a significant number of dental and facial injuries among children. To protect the teeth and reduce the risk of concussion and facial injury, custom fitted mouth guards are a great solution. Custom fitted mouth guards allow you to play your favourite sport whilst your oral health is protected, without the discomfort of non-fitted mouth guards.

Your mouth guard will help to prevent damage to your teeth, jaw, and soft tissues including your lips, tongue and inner lining of your cheeks. Anyone who participates in organized sports, especially those which involve contact (Aussie Rules, Rugby, etc.) should strongly consider a custom fitted mouth guard.

The consequences of not wearing a mouth guard, far outweigh the cost of receiving a custom mouth guard to begin with. If you suffer orofacial trauma as a result of not wearing a mouth guard, it can have a long-term negative impact on growth and development as well as substantial aesthetic and psychological effects.

Suitability for a custom mouth guard

Kilmore Dental & Specialist Centre recommend custom fitted mouth guards to patients of all ages. All patients who are involved in a sport which may posses the risk of injury should consider a custom fitted mouth guard. Over-the counter mouth guards can be effective if fitted correctly, are worn properly, and stay in place.

Because custom fitted mouth guards a specifically designed to fit your mouth, they are generally far more comfortable than over-the-counter options. If you already have a custom mouth guard and would like it adjusted or checked for wear and tear, book an appointment with the Kilmore Dental & Specialist Centre team today!